Ent News: Mr Rough Biography

Mr.Rough who’s full name is Nuruddeen Sufyan Baba,Currently basing in Lafia, the Nasarawa state capital. He is an upcoming artist in the industry, belonging to Young Swaggs Entertainment (Y.S.E).

He started years back, dropping about 18 tracks in which he featured some other upcoming artists, they include Planet skipper, Alabuf, Abokift1, Abxee, and so many others.

His tracks include; Uturuquna(leave us) which he dropped back then in 2014 after he finished his secondary school. Others include;started from the bottom, Ki bani, Don’t tell me about them, and so many more.

Mr.Rough is talented with numerous talents, he raps,drops hip hops and he is a multi lingual artist, he speaks English, Arabic and Hausa. He is just too much for words

MR.ROUGH is currently working on his track featuring Elbo, titled “Ba Dole”. This is surely gonna be a big one. So keep loving Mr.Rough, Support good music,and show love to Mr.rough.

You can follow him on instagram@mr_rough_ and facebook@Nuruddeen Sufyan Baba




This is his recent song art cover below

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