[Video] Dj Khaled – Wish Wish Ft Cardi B & 21 Savage

Once again, DJ Khaled has elbowed his way into popular culture. On Friday, Khaled released Father Of Asahd, his newest all-star album. On Saturday, he “performed” on Saturday Night Live, bringing a whole lot of famous rappers with him. And right now, he is in the midst of releasing a small onslaught of music videos for songs from Father Of Asahd. And for one of them, he has convinced Cardi B to rock a skintight black catsuit while flames erupt behind her and Japanese motorcycles do donuts around her. Or maybe that’s just how Cardi spends her leisure time.

The best moment on Father Of Asahd is probably Cardi’s firebreathing verse on “Wish Wish,” which Khaled co-produced with young Memphis monster Tay Keith. The song is a pretty standard shit-talk-fest that also features 21 Savage, but Cardi really goes nuts on it: “Whatever you do, sis, keep it cute, sis / Leave that beefing shit at Ruth Chris or end up toothless.”

Today, Cardi and Savage both star in the silly and enjoyable video, which looks like a B-level early-’00s street-racing movie raced into production to capitalize on the success of the first Fast & The Furious. (Basically what I’m saying is: Torque. It looks like Torque. Or Biker Boyz.) Khaled co-directed the video with Eif Rivera. Watch it below.


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