Ent News: The New Borno Initiative” Morell Project #2018 | @imorell

Earlier today Morell Posted a photo letting the world know about his new project and it’s mindset towards the people of his state were he grew up. According to him our aim is to consciously rebuild and reconstruct Borno State in physical and mentally aspects, the project is fully the mindset matters and knowledge. Morell is back for the project after meeting many companies, he was appreciated by most of the companies for his initiatives towards the success of Borno Children and Youths. Morell said to many directors and managers from different companies that No Matter How Dim Is The Candle Light, We Want to See the Little Kids Happy and Back In School. Nothing Is Impossible He alarmed!!! More Gist on the project coming soon, you can connect to its Instagram @thenewborno

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