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  1. A day following blogger Linda Ikeji broke the Nigerian world-wide-web space when news
    of her Banana Island, Ikoyi dwelling acquire went public and social media is nevertheless buzzing.
    Linda Ikeji” is a single of the top ten trending subjects and persons just can not quit speaking about the blogger who went from nothing to just about every damn issue! This is a woman who relentlessly pursued her dreams and has produced a achievement of her life. Banana Island property or not. Initially there was speculation that the residence which a newly built property was N450 Million, but Linda herself set the record straight saying she spent over N500 Million on it. The residence is listed on two house web-sites at N600 Million & N800 Million respectively. According to the listing the 700 m2 detached home is newly constructed covering three floors and has a penthouse.

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    She wanted to come to be a Tv presenter

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    March 2017 at 12:16

    Dated Dan Foster of Cool Fm in the past

    I have had my own share of setbacks with respect to blogging ranging from technical challenges to human error to financial crisis. These items are unpredictable but you have to face them and to face these unexpected challenges you have to have persistence and focus. You must know what your ultimate purpose is and you must be ready to make sacrifices to accomplish such target you will have to stick to the method. As a final note, these are my thirteen step strategy to beginning a profitable weblog from scratch. These techniques are not all about blogging technicalities or figuring out how to create astounding articles they are about blogging organization intelligence.

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    I have worked quite, pretty challenging and remain persistent in what I do. From becoming a model until I found my way into blogging. It has been the mixture of God’s favour and really hard function. What is your existing hit per day? I am number 26 in Nigeria as a entire. Other folks are The Sun, Vanguard, The Punch, GTBank, UBA and so on. I’m in fact the initial in entertainment in Nigeria. I’m like number eight,000 in the globe and that is a extremely major achievement. I utilised to have about 50,000 hits per day! Just simply because I do it all alone. For quite a few youths who wish to be like Linda Ikeji, what do you believe they must do? Initial and foremost, they have to locate what they are superior at, their talent perform hard on your talent, be patient, due to the fact for you to succeed in life, you will need patience which a lot of people don’t have. They want rapid funds and results, but lasting success does take time. They also have to be really prayerful.

    Thankfully the white flags had been raised yesterday (Monday, April 19, 2016) in the battle between Linda Ikeji and Wizkid. We hope this is the final of this matter. Just after a month of nasty shots on-line Linda Ikeji and Wizkid met at the office of the Lagos State Commissioner of Police. According to the blogger’s side of events Wizkid apologized for his outburst and wrote an undertaken. Now the World-wide-web drama is all more than and we hope both parties stay calm and do not do something provocative. Apart from us getting jaded from the online war, Linda Ikeji and Wizkid certainly have greater issues to do than diss every single other on the Net.

    What lessons can we find out though from the entire situation. What could have Linda Ikeji and Wizkid completed differently? 1st of all, even although blogging does not have to follow all the principles of journalism it is required that when posting any sensitive story undeniable proof should be made offered. In Linda Ikeji’s case when she reported that Wizkid had been told to evacuate his mansion in Lekki she failed to give us a copy of the quit notice. Considering that she and Wizkid already had a ‘history’ it would have been much better if she had concrete proof. When she posted the story about Wizkid some felt it was a witch hunt. Linda Ikeji has a job to do no doubt but in blogging about particular factors she desires irrefutable proof.

    If she doesn’t do so her credibility could take some harm. Also it is time for Linda Ikeji to know that a lot of consideration is on her and her weblog. She cannot hold operating like the little time blogs out there. When she got the Wizkid tip she need to have reached out to his management or PR to get his other side of the story. This would have given her story balance. Nicely following this episode I guess Linda Ikeji would polish her articles a bit additional. As for Wizkid his anger and tongue almost put him in critical problems. I have stated it more than and more than once again- it’s not all the things you respond to. His rant at Linda Ikeji was vulgar and could have ripped him of his endorsements also. Celebs should really discover to preserve quiet and let their PR person do his/her function. If Wizkid cannot manage his tongue it will cost him bitterly one particular day. If Wizkid wanted to respond he should have released a well believed out response and not a knee jerk reaction. After this debacle with Linda Ikeji who dragged him police we hope he learns to retain quiet. Also it is time for Linda Ikeji to be additional skilled.

    I wrote this write-up specifically for those who may well like to know about linda ikeji’s blog. I am NOT linda ikeji but I am one of the major follower of Linda Ikeji blog and furthermore, a top rated Nigerian world wide web marketer. In my earlier post on history of blogging in Nigeria, prime blogs and bloggers linda Ikeji weblog was among the best blogs I did mention that has created a name as far as blogging is concern in Nigeria. Just before I proceed, let me make this clear this is NOT promotional post and need to not be taken as such. Now, let’s go gradually beginning with queries about the blog.

    HOW OLD IS LINDA IKEJI Blog? Linda ikeji weblog was among the Nigerian blogs made in 2006. So, the blog is almost eight years currently. Linda ikeji’s weblog is designed by LINDA IKEJI herself. The blog was born out of inspiration of Bella naija’s weblog according to Linda ikeji’s story. WHAT IS THE Major Web site OF LINDA IKEJI’S Weblog AND TITLE OF THE Weblog? HOW DID LINDA IKEJI Blog Gain HER Popularity? BACKLINKS – Linda ikeji began by developing BACKLINKS to rank high on Google. Any Search engine marketing expert or search engine net marketplace will comprehend what I mean. No matter whether she paid for those backlinks or acquires them for absolutely free is not my concern.

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