News: Why Lagos Is Better Than Abuja?

Lagos is a city in the Nigerian state, which is located at the southwestern region of the geopolitical zone in Nigeria. Its also know as the “Mega City”.
Lagos is one of the fastest growing cities and is the most populous urban area with a major financial centre in Africa. It is the fifth largest economy state with high G.D.P. Lagos is primarily a business oriented community.
Lagos is arguably better than Abuja. Here are some key points why.
Lagos plays a role of been famous in Africa for its vibrant Entertainment, Botiques, Night life, Movie Scences, Sports, Culture & Tourism Centres.
It is a place where festivals, shows and other events take place on a monthly and annual basis. Most of its famous festivals that holds are ” Eyo Festival, Lagos Food Festival, Lagos Photo Festival, Lagos Jazz Festival & lots more.
It is also famous for its music scenes and is the home for various genre and styles of music such as Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Highlife, Juju, Pop and many more. It is the centre of the Nigerian Movie Industry known as “Nollywood”, it is also the major distribution centre for music and video contents and also fashion. It is a city where to showcase talents, promote lifestyle and also create awareness through its social initiatives.
Sport is also part of it, it’s not left out. We all know the Nigerian famous Team ” The Super Eagles played most of their home games at the National Stadium Surulere before it was moves to Abuja FCT.
Lagos has a number of other beautiful places of interest such as The Freedom Park, The Nike Art Gallery and National Theatre. It is an attractive place for travelers to stay cause there’s lot of provision of Entertainment to add excitement during their stay.
The nightlife in Lagos is always alive as there are other forms of entertainment pleasure for fun seekers which are the Night Clubs, Bars and Beaches.
Lagos has one of the largest and most extensive road networks in West Africa. It also has suburban trains and some ferry services. Highways are usually congested in peak hours. Lagos State has a bus rapid transit (BRT) system which makes it easier for low earners at the rate of #150.
Lagos is served by Murtala Muhammed International Airport, one of the largest and busiest airports in Africa. The airport is located in the northern suburb of Ikeja. Murtalla Muhammad International Airport Lagos is known is largest west African airport that serves million of Nigerian Expats from all over the world. This is the only flaw in Lagos’ transportation if compared to Abuja’s.
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Lagos provides home to numerous outdoor and indoor attractions for travelers such as Cinemas, Malls,Beaches, Resort, Parks, Museum and Restaurants to make it an ideal land for tourism in Nigeria and to be one of the most visited cities in Africa.
Lagos has become one of the tourism and entertainment hub in Africa and it is arguably better than Abuja.


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