HEALTH: Second Person Cured Of HIV In The World

HEALTH: Second Person Cured Of HIV In The World

HEALTH: Second Person Cured Of HIV In The World

Adam Castillejo from London has become the second person in world to be cured of HIV according to doctors.

Adam Castillejo is free of the virus 30 months after he stopped his anti-retroviral therapy.

He was not cured from HIV medicine though, but from stem cell treatment of cancer he also has.

The stem cell was donated to him by people with uncommon gene which gives them protection against HIV.

In 2011, the first patient, Timothy Brown who was is tagged “Berlin patent” got his own cure three and half years after after passing through thesame treatment.

What is the treatment?
The way it works is the stem cell transplants stops the virus from increasing in the body. It changes the patient immune cells with the donor that can resist the virus.

Castillejo has stayed without any active HIV infection in his blood semen or tissue after two and half years, which expert Prof Ravindra Kumar Gupta calls” HIV cure with almost certainty which shows the same treatment that worked for Brown Nine years ago is truly genuine.

People with the Gene that HIV cannot penetrate their cells are few,but researchers are targeting that cell for people with HIV.

Is it Permanent cure?

Well, one cannot say its a permanent cure for now Castillejo and Brown still has the virus in their body but it’s not active because the donor cells has not fully take over the patients body.

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And its not possible to say with 100% that the HIV will not come up again.

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